Crazed thoughts

I found something in Michael’s notebook today as he was about to destroy it…it is dated janurary 2007

I looked at myself in the mirror, and I saw a great man who could be better; the comparison between the great person I could be and the person I am is the basis of my calamity; thus, the more desperate I feel about my lowliness shows the differential between the highest potential I could have achieved – this is the basis thought for my theory of life:


Consider: the aesthetic – moral asymmetry:


            Art can depict moral superiority

            Immorality can depict poor aesthetic worth


There is no distinction between art and morality; but it is neither the ase that art and morality as we conceive of it exists as independent or non-reductive entities; they are both two sides of a three dimensional coin where we must assume that the moral-aesthetic reality is two dimensional


This said; art and morality are the same plane, but are insufficient complete discourses


What I am interested in is this: how to live the good life, how to live the beautiful life; how to enjoy life – these are the same question which my words cannot ask: what I want to ask is this: HOW CAN I BE DIONYSIAN?


            Love is part of the moral life

            Love is a literary norm


Both are the same thing and it is inept to speak of love as a separate discourse


Strange boy,



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