Search terms

Okay; my blog can tell me sometimes about what and how people come to my blog; by virtue of search engines; search terms and URL links.

 I’ve had some weird ones before; but some of them actually worry me…

Okay I’ll concede that they aren’t COMPLETELY irrelevant; its just the fact that people have actually searched this stuff on google…

So, what have we found?

Okay I normally get stuff like “why is Kant wrong?” or some such, and that makes me smile a little.

But I have had two which disturb me

  1. Mohammed (as in the Islamic prophet) ****ing – there are some perverse minds out there…
  2. “Tuomas from nightwish is a racist” – this is a bizarre claim, and I’m not only shocked by any such suggestion; but now I’m strangely curious…why would anyone search that?

Michael (moderator)


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