Politics of difference, not POLITICS OF IDENTITY!

The increased awareness of disability, mental illness, or the representation of women and minority groups could be grasped as the discourse of the politics of difference. Arguably, this is a good thing. I think, largely, its a good thing, in instances where we put differently abled people into the workplace doing jobs they are capable of, and not being prejudiced in any way, but their ability to do the job.

HOWEVER, just because you’re a baptist minister, doesn’t give you a good reason to be a presidential candidate for the united states; nor is being black, or being a woman.

The news from the UK hardly addresses the policies of Obama or Clinton; but there are certainly people who want to emphasise their X-ness.

This isn’t politics, this is bullshit!

On a serious point, give us an oppurtunity to know their policies, and we’ll give you an informed and genuinely democratic decision. If you don’t, call me a bitch all you like, this woman doesn’t care what you are, just what you say…

Yours spitefully,


2 thoughts on “Politics of difference, not POLITICS OF IDENTITY!

  1. Without wishing expressly to defend any politician, I do wish to point out that the problem here is with the media and not with the candidates. The media in the United States is solely a profit centre, and so discussion of issues isn’t very saleable. Discussion tends to focus on the irrelevancies, alas.

    But it’s not that the candidates don’t have agendas or issues, or for that matter that some discussion isn’t take place on them (as in the recent Democratic debate in two parts – issues, then off-issues – emphasising the point).

    http://www.ontheissues.org/ is a good site if you lose patience waiting for the media to do their job, as I have done.

    Finally, loved the opening paragraph to this one – was surprised at the left turn into US Politics, but perfectly entertained. 😉

    Best wishes!

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