Feminine sexuality and Dido

I think the boys are letting me post a lot more these days because they are busy; and also because their reading of that boring Kant is sapping all their originality away.

Here is my thought: How do females embrace sexuality honestly?

My concern: Male-imposed ideals.

What candidates am I considering here?

  1. Lesbian ideals – male defined? or self-defined?
  2. Confabulation cases where genuine male-imposition of norms takes place
  3. The moral motivation of sexual deliberation
  4. ‘Casual’ homosexuality of females – to pander to males

How hard is it for females to be sexual? Is my question. I think a similar corollorary question is how can a male ideal towards more putative positive feminine idioms be accepted?

Michael and Sinistre have this view where they are not interested in feminine norms, but masculinity; and believe in the importance of a male attitudinal phenotype; however, their conceptions of masculinity hardly coalesce with putative notions of masculinity (Michael has a teddy bear – try editing that out, Michael!). Although, their far from revolutionary, or original. Take a look at Virgil’s Aeneid. I think a very interesting source of femininity is present. Namely, in the character of Dido; with the exception of her affliction from Cupid (which negatively affects the feminine attitudinal phenotype); she represents my ideal of what a woman should be; stoic in emotions, a leader, a strong ruler, diplomatic yet fierce, yet concerned for her citizens, a competent warrior, and, a Queen who (until the intervention of the cruel Gods) needed no King.  Dido is a wonderful feminine ideal. I think we should all be a little more like Dido…

I think Dido and Aeneas would have made a wonderful pair. Perhaps in another life they can…


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