Not very Motley…

In my pursuit of music, I often listen to things (purposely) that I probably wouldn’t like; as a ceteris paribus clause. So. At the monent, I have been checking out Mötley Crüe. What a horrific set of values they put forward.

I’m hardly one to sound like a conservative moralist here, but (you expected the but), it really isn’t cricket to advocate that kind of message. Some of the songs are overtly sexual, with lines like “I want a slice of your pie”. The songs seem to be a catalogue of depravity; depictions of drug usage and general substance abuse; the vision of females as sexual objects, and the pursuit of one’s own hedonic pleasures.

If that’s rock ‘n’ roll, I aint never going to be part of that! That’s not challenging, that’s just not cricket! That said, I probably have some hypocrisy about liking songs that objectify women in my playlist somewhere (e.g. Early Tarot…)

Although, musically speaking, they aren’t terrible, and it is certaintly successful at evoking the values and imagery it portrays; the hard living, beer swilling, girl-fucking lifestyle; maintaining some kind of masculinity through that, while playing music videos wearing makeup and purposely looking feminine (there is an irony about so-called ‘soft-metal’ of the 80s’ wherewhich males make a move to appear female in conventional appearance, like pearl earrings, jewellery and the big hair, yet are hardly feminine at all; they are just animals. It looks more like a nightmare).

A motley bunch?

That said, probably sounds weird to a new reader or person unfamiliar with one’s stance to maintain a rejection of this kind of glam, while enjoying fairly heavier stuff…

Just for contrast; let me show a fairly more dignified bunch; which is ideologically less reprehensible…


Hmm; look at those boots, the hair, the rugged hair, the flowing straps and long jacket of Zachary. Perhaps my perception of Tarot is biased, but, hell…they are so beautiful, some masculine ideal, an artistic ideal, even. Listen to Suffer Our Pleasures, and you shall know their beauty!

That’s prima facie incompatible, of course.



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