Thoughts of the day: communication technology; Jeremy Beadle, and Sex

1. Jeremy Beadle has died.

 I feel quite sad about this. Beadle was a lovely entertainer, and he reminds me of warm childhood memories. Coming to terms with the fact that those days are long gone, and forever lost, is something I increasingly find difficult. Ah, to be a child again. I was going to write a post about the semiological significance of the womb…another time, perhaps.

2. I have to be honest here. Normally I enjoy dismissing or trying to challenge people who comment on my blog, and do so out of the joy of rationality, and not out of ego; but I found out that one of my regular contributors is loaded! I am quite shocked by this, and I am trying not to treat him differently with this new knowledge. He’s making the wonga, big time! I am now more intimidated and a little afraid to humiliate him…but I’ll try my best to ignore my prejudices about his wad of cash!

Let’s put a philosophical term in here. They call it conditionalisation when you change your belief about something in lieu (i’m using that phrase too much!) of new information. Imagine you are a soldier, for example, and you spent hours trying to hunt down this assassin, just as you incapacitate her, and unmask her, you find, that it is your sister…your beliefs about the assassin change, and quite possibly your actions toward her might too. Conditionalisation is quite interesting; but I hardly know enough about it….which leads me to my new point

3. There is a lot of stuff I need to learn more about, I am a mere Kant exegete, exegesis is like biblical scholarship for me; its important, crucial, yet almost useless for everything outside of it. I shall think more about Mr. Dawson’s suggestion in my post about truth, concerning the role of second-order logic, and try to understand Godel…

4. I want to alert you about SEX; Chris from Only a Game has a lovely post about sexual beliefs. I tried to challenge him by saying that his intuitions about sex are limited. He retorted by basically saying “no, they’re not, mate…”, I think I’ll just hold him to that without argument. Suddenly when my thoughts concern such human matters, I feel very uncomfortable; like when approached by beautiful women (except Antisophie), I feel the overwhelming urge to hide in my study and read more Kant. Kant…the problem of, and solution to celebacy.

5. I thoughroughly enjoy when there is proper dispute in blogging. Look at the forum/blog crooked timber, for instance. That concerns a whole gammet of philosophical issues, by individuals far more qualified than this pissant (another word I like)philosopher. My thought is this: perhaps the internet is a new way to express philosophical dispute. We all know of the Leibniz-Clarke correspondence, or the letter between Descartes and Hobbes. I would love to see the philosophers of our day engaging in facebook-wall disputes, or blog comment arguing. I often argue with Michael on MSN; the arguments often go something like this…

(if B. Russell, and K. Godel were on mIRC)

* <russell> dude.. can u prove 1+1=2 ?!1
* <kurtykurt> stfu u teh gay
* <russell> * writes Principia Mathematica *
* <russell> lol i kick a$$…
* <russell> i proved 1+1=2 on page 360!!!11
* <kurtykurt> * publishes Incompleteness Theorem *
* <kurtykurt> pwn3d suxor
* <russell> omgwtf?!?!!1?! hax! 😦

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