High Hopes

Lets look at a song, and a Nightwish (‘Marco’) cover: High Hopes

Cover version

God Marco is so sexy. I love Nightwish when they play without a girl…

I love Marco’s attire; the dark longsleeve shirt, casual trousers and boots, not to mention the long, thick flowing hair. Masculinity at its finest, I say; I’m sure Antisophie would agree.

Original – Pink Floyd

I must admit I know nothing of Pink Floyd so; I suspend judgment in comparison issues. Needless to say; I like the original Floyd only in relation to my reification of Marco. Yes, shallow and interested (in the Kantian sense of the latter term), but I’m allowed to identify my flaws; do you ever identify your aesthetic flaws?

I should ask questions about the intentionality and the differences between them. I have to think harder about it.


(written 30.01.08)

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