Kant = Utilitarian?

Mill makes the suggestion that we construct moral principles in way of rules (Kantian?)

Kant makes the suggestion that the role of the moral life is to establish the collective happiness and virtue of all agents (Greatest Happiness Principle – Bentham-Act Utilitarian?)

Just a thought

2 thoughts on “Kant = Utilitarian?

  1. Shelly Kagan wrote a nice piece on Kant for Consequentialists… I don’t buy it myself, but it’s nice that Kant isn’t just for deontologists. 😉

  2. One of the big league philosophers, Derek Parfit, is alleged to be a Kantian consequentialist. Cf. his manuscript “Climbing the Mountain”.

    Also; forthcoming: Morgan, S. “Can there be a Kantian Consequentialism?”

    It’s interesting (in a good way), how Kantian modern utilitarian theories are, and conversely, how Aretaic Kantian philosophy is…

    Makes me smile sometimes


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