What kind of incapability? A thought experiment on the benificence of God

God is the highest good, in fact, Biblical references assert that God is Goodness itself. Let’s take this as a given, for now.

Let’s now think about Jesus; Jesus, is the Son of God, and, let us assert that Jesus’, by virtue of the transitive identity claim of being the Son of God, and the symmetry claim that he IS God himself (that is, part of the Trinity).

Because Jesus is God himself, and the son of God. Jesus is also omnibenevolent. Kant himself asserted that Jesus’ character represents the perfect moral agent.

Let’s say, that, as a matter of fact; Jesus committed no evil.

We might reply; ‘well, clearly, he wouldn’t, he’s the Son of God!’

Question: would it have been possible for Jesus to commit any evil at all?

If so, this would not favour well for the notion of God’s benificence…one of the premises stated above

If NOT, this is a bold metaphysical claim; concerning necessity, possible worlds, and the notion of God himself.

I wonder how to respond to this

(P.S. Saying God’ doesn’t exist is almost irrelevant here…atheists can consider this in counterfactual terms if you want…)



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