Hmmm, science

I have been touching up an article by Michael Friedman on the history of science. I get how he’s a philosopher of science, but I don’t get entirely where his Kant roots lie yet…

Still, I like him; he makes history of science fun, and better still, understandable! He makes an interesting point about the dependence of Newton’s developments when seen as a whole; namely (and in this order): Calculus, laws of motion, laws of universal gravitation; and in Einstein’s case: Riemannian manifold/Principle of equivalence/Einstein’s field equations. I should read up more on my history of science. I need a scientist or mathematician to proclaim as the paradigm of rational thought! Newton and Einstein are pretty much up there on the top of the list…maybe Maxwell and Faraday next.

Whether anyone can do that for Kant, is another story (although Paul Guyer and Henry Allison are good!)



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