What people search for on my blog…

I’ve found some search terms which people use to find my blog and which come up in their search so as to read my blog…

 These are some pickings of what people are into (that apparently my blog satisfies) from the past two days:

  1.  Racist Words
  2. Responses to ‘the sorrows of young werther’
  3. Personification
  4. Artefacts that represent personality
  5. Destre
  6. How to deal with horniness [!!!!!]
  7. Socrates God afterlife
  8. Broken Heart Aphorisms
  9. Principle of Sufficient Reason
  10. Is Tuomas happy with Annette? [Nightwish issues]

 I’m a bit confuzzled as to how (or why) my blog has come up on a search about horniness! Bloody Antisophie. Despite that, I feel quite pleased that despite this blog actually being very limited in what I really want to address (it being a predominantly ‘intellectual’ affair and not about the more crazy things in life), It does seem to have wide address of things…yet I only seem to get replies on posts about mathematics or socio-political leaning ones!!!  Your readership is most appreciated 🙂 Michael


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