Tarja Turunen – Die Alive [Music Video]

Well she was part of Nightwish, now she’s going solo; I could have seen her in London…but….I’m saving my money for when Tarot comes to play…

To be charitable to her; this was perhaps one of the better tracks of the album. Maybe that isn’t charitable to her at all…see for yourselves.

She certainly is missed in Nightwish. The Tuomas/Marco mix makes it all better; except for Marco, they can’t really do as well on their own projects. Although I do need to listen to Tuomas’ solo projects a bit more… 



One thought on “Tarja Turunen – Die Alive [Music Video]

  1. The harmonic structure and the rhythmic cells are so unimaginative; Tarja is a wonderful singer, very talented and very able.

    It is tragic that she sings such rubbish. Tragic.

    She is beautiful and able; I certainly am jealous of that…well, if I weren’t those things I would be!


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