To feel grief is to experience the loss of that which one loves. To experience grief is to feel a distance, or an end, or a fundamental separation from some moment, some person, or some thing. The subject we grieve is imbued with much importance, with much worth, with much sentiment.

So too is the grief, worth, and sentiment felt when we lose our subject of grief. Those cherished memories bring forth feelings and desires, beliefs and hopes about the world, ourselves, the subject in question.

The extent to which we greive shows the importance we accrued to the subject. Some subjects are of such importance and much investment into our projects that they are fundamental to some sense of wellbeing; yet we so often lose them.

Sinistre: Why? we may ask. Why did this have to happen?
Destre: Loss, and the grief that comes from it, is inevitable
Sinistre: To lose what I did; was to lose my own name, my own life, my own heritage and identity. The loss of Prime those years ago meant that I lost the reason to live.
Destre: Indeed it is tragic to lose such persons of imbued worth; when we have cherished memories and hopes and desires about the future, and beliefs about the way the world is; but those go when we lose our subjects of worth
To ask ‘why’ is to presume a moral order of things. Why did this happen instead of that? Why did the unmerited sad occurence obtain, instead of the ‘should-haves’? We seem to, in our moral evalutation of the world; or our value-laden reflection, have a telos conception of the way of things.
Another, perhaps better way to address this is how we, in an analysis of moral judgment, find concepts of desert and punishment.

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