The plagarist adventures of Newton

1337N1z: oi i has just inventd da caluluzz
i_n3wton_N00b: wd man can I see?

[1337N1z wants to send file ‘Principles of Infinitessimal Calculus’]
[ i_n3wton_N00b recieved file ‘Principle of Infinitessimal Calculus, antivirus detected no Euclidean axioms]

1337N1z: oi u der m8?

[Royal Society has joined the conversation]

i_n3wton_N00b: oi RS luk @ wat I did *shows ‘Principles of Infinitessimal Calculus’*
Royal Society: wtf dis iz da shizzle, you is gonna be a fello fo sho!

1337N1z: wtf man Izak stole dat frm me!!
Royal Society: nah m8 he waz 1st!

[Royal Society has left the conversation]

i_n3wton_N00b: lmao u just gt pwnd
1337N1z: fuk uu….
1337N1z: neway….I gt dis new idea…F=ma

[to be continued…..]



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