The setting is a distant memory many years ago; Sinistre, before his arrogance and brashness; was educated by those dedicated to improving the common good for all humanity.  It was during a day for  reflection.

Enter, a young, tall, and thin fellow. A clerical figure; his hair slightly wavy, and unkempt, but not overly so. Sinistre stood, as was the custom, to greet the Magister.

Sinistre: Good morning Father Thomas.
Thomas: Good morning, boy; take a seat.

Sinistre did, he was in the classroom rather early; finishing his piano practice early, Sinistre went into the room to start reading something for another class; Virgil.

Thomas: Let’s see who shall be coming along today, shall we?
Sinistre: It has been a busy week, Master, and many of the boys have the tournament match today
Thomas: Blasted Rugby! I do wish it was put on another day.

Some time passed by, a few more boys came in. A couple of these fellows eventually came to become the Sinistreans. As the bell rang, it was as apt a time to begin as any. They began, as usual, with their prayers to commence class.

“Today, boys, I wish to talk to you about Asceticism. All of us have a calling unique to us. It is important that each and every one of you listen inside yourselves to find that voice. God calls us in many different ways; and the calling, whatever it may be, will be unique to you.

I’d like to talk about a very special, yet difficult few of you. Some of you will find a calling inside yourselves to demand an exceptional amount. Some of you will find that you must sacrifice all your worldly ends for the highest good (summum bonum).

The highest good is the calling for nobility, to be called to pursue the highest moral or intellectual end. This is a very special calling, and only the few are chosen.

We find this calling when we look deep inside ourselves, and seek to find what we find truest to who we are. For many of you; what is truest to you is the allegiances you have to your various projects, be it family, your significant other, or perhaps your profession. But for some of you, you are chosen as special, when you find in yourselves the duty, the will, and the vocation to do the work of God.

Some of you boys will be asked, by your own inner conscience, to abstain from the world, in order to look over it. You must abstain from those things such as romantic love for another, wealth, and pride. Humility, wisdom, and virtue will be your goals. Perhaps it may seem strange that you may find this demanded of you. It is a very special thing to be demanded of chastity and asceticism. For most men would not be able to cope.

Sexual continence is key to your journey; as you develop, so too will your character, and inner peace. You will be called by God to assist the world in how your conscience sees fit. You will be called from the voice within to look over the world; care for the vulnerable, teach the young, educate the powerful, and challenge the unjust and overconfident.

In order for you to genuinely be pure of heart, to teach the young, and overlook the weak; you too must be of their number. You must engage in the humility and subordination that you must put your students under; for you cannot be respected, or obeyed, or even allowed to have authority, if you do not punish and submit yourself in the way that you demand of them.

You must engage in the poverty of those whom which you must seek to help. Be among their number, so that priviledge does not corrupt you; be among them so that in understanding their plight the most; you are best suited to love and care for them. This is not easy; but the love from which comes from you is enough to feed any satisfaction of virtue.

To challenge the unjust, and the overconfident; you must be eminent and justly founded. You will need to be skilled in many arts and sciences; particularly philosophy.  You will need this background in philosophy to realise the true complexity and diversity of the manifold through which God works.

You must be the best you can be, you must be better than your opponent, both in character, and ability; for in what we represent, it is our strength of intellect, and our humility that shall shine and overcome. You boys who ever may find this calling are a special few; your lives will be the most difficult, but the most special. You boys who find this vocation within you shall be my most favoured few.”

With those words; were the seeds sown. I wonder what my calling is. I wonder what Father Thomas thinks of me now…


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