Antisophie’s dissent

1. I find it quite hurrendous how I’m constantly seen as a sexual object. Even among those who are supposed to represent the noble and the dignified. Men are full of shit.

2. I think women are full of shit too; what sense does it make for ‘au naturale’ to actually be a makeup arrangement. FUCK, talk about inconsistent. I’d find more clarity in Descartes than in contemporary society.

3. Be yourself; be thin. Embrace who you are; conform to the masses. You are the individual glorious; you are just a product of your background conditions. I hate this society of juxtaposed liberties and constrictions; where the former is a politico-social ideal; and the latter, a factual reality. Don’t you dare fucking tell me I have autonomy; I’m formed by all of you. Piece of shit social agents…

4. I don’t want to conform to femininity if it entails some ideologue about beauty and the capacity to care and love; if that is the only aspect of a person. If I want a list of great women, I’d name someone like Nussbaum or Ada Lovelace. Marilyn aint’ got shit on them!

5. Men have hardly lived up to their archetypes; I talk of Aeneas, or Rousseau. Men these days are bureaucratic dickless losers who have lost their spine; to stand up for themselves, their dreams, their world and their own dignity. What ever happened to nobility? I guess it got outsourced. Piece of shit cunt fuckers who rule; they are all just paper pushing dickweeds; they know nothing of combat, metaphysics or art. They are hardly men. They are just machines; and not even the good register machines either…they are just matter; silicon and plastic.



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