Gender issues; not gender specific (Antisophie’s desideratum)

A preamble ramble on affirmative action 

Most pe0ple think of affirmative action in terms of ethnic difference; if we have people of ethnic minorities represented in certain professions; we can overcome the underlying institional buildup and prejudices which, either intentionally or unintentionally, persist. I’d just like to make a single comment before going on to my real topic at hand; the British Asian communities; particularly Hindu communities, are highly underrepresented in blood donations; this is because (apparently) of the cultural unfamiliarity of doing such a thing in those cultural communities. Similar cases could be made for why some professions (such as politics, academia and certain artforms, like theatre or ballet) may be underrrepresented in certain demographic groups.

Philosophy is certainly one of those things which are underrepresented in terms of gender, but this is slowly, and thankfully, slowly changing. A colleague of mine mentioned the “Sheffield femininsts” and J. Saul ; a growing group of female philosophers who are trying to promote the presence and female agenda of philosophy.

Anyway; on to my actual topic at hand…

Gender issues, but not gender specific

Lets consider an idea; I remember once in a sociology textbook; or a conversation with Michael, I can never remember which (as both are phenomenologically identical to me!), where I heard about this ‘feminist view of crime’, which said the increase in female crime is a good thing. Let me consider the contrapositive of that…the increase of female specific crimes against men, or ‘reverse sexism’ may be a socially good thing.

I have a male friend (let’s call him DH) who likes to be sexually degraded by women in terms of being objectified, lusted, and used sexually primarily for his physical appearance and these women have no regard for his personality or anything about him but his looks. I don’t approve how women treat him, or his attitude of wanting this; but note that it is not only women who have image issues; note how it is not just women who want to be beautiful; note how it is not just women who seek tenderness and attention and closeness with another, to seek human contact by sexual intercourse; even though they are just being used. I thought of this, in terms of macrosocial terms, of a redress of the gender issues; as a normative issue; I think the body image and norms of attractiveness do cause much harm to people. But I think it would be a very important platitude that we don’t just identify body image and self-confidence as predominantly a female issue; if we have anything to learn from the feminist agenda; it is that we are all the same; we are equal; and should be analysed in the same way. Ceteris paribus qua mutatis mutandis; these are our family values

Thus, I suggest this; just as we see the world through female-centric issues; why can’t we say that those said issues are much present in males as well (albeit proportionally distinct). Magister Sinistre’s interest in the social sciences is to the effect that understanding the reality of the lives of people as to how they actually live it is, is our criterion of good social research.

(dated 16.03.08)


2 thoughts on “Gender issues; not gender specific (Antisophie’s desideratum)

  1. Poverty has a woman’s face. Global prosperity and peace will only be achieved once the entire world’s people are empowered to order their own lives and provide for themselves and their families. Societies where women are more equal stand a much greater chance of achieving the Millennium Goals by 2015. Every single Goal is directly related to women’s rights, and societies were women are not afforded equal rights as men can never achieve development in a sustainable manner.
    I think its high time we all individually or collectively Stand Up and Take some action
    Regarding this.

    This will help all you people on this blog to do something along with the United Nations in your locality.
    Check this

  2. You really have missed the point…

    You say poverty is a women’s issue. Okay, so tell me more, cos if you don’t, you are committing a question-begging fallacy.

    You are not arguing very well. Furthermore, it is EXACTLY the overemphasis on the female that displaces the many subtleties of the real issues. If we use femininity as our analytic metric, then what of ethnicity, class, religiousity, industrial infrastructure?

    You have a lot to answer.


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