Wolverine action figure


When I was younger, I had a wolverine action figure. Wolverine had messy hair, and lots of it, he had big sideburns, he had stubble, he had metal bones, and he had the healing factor.

Wolverine was the toughest and roughest of the X-Men. Wolverine sometimes had relationships with women, he showed a sensitive, caring side, but this wasn’t just to women; it was to children, his friends, and those who he wanted to help.

Wolverine is the male ‘Barbie’. How far do normative icons like Wolverine and Barbie influence us when we grow up? For me, Wolverine influenced me a lot; trying to be the funny man, while also being aggressive; being gruff and messy, while also being of the elite. Trying to look cool and modern, where in your blood, you are as ancient and classical and traditionalist as it gets. Wolverine was a guy I wanted to be like…no guesses as to who wanted to be Mr. Sinister or  Apocalypse

Mr. Sinister



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