Tarot: Crawlspace (2006)

This is a fine song; it’s angry, its pumping, its orgiastic, its masculine, aggressive, its retro, and most of all, it’s Tarot (de re). For the Glory of Nothing may not necessarily be my most favourite of albums, but it is sufficiently dark, entertaining, and possibly (with the exception of some songs in Crows), the most aggressive of lyrics. It carries on from Stigmata, but forms a moment of Tarot’s development that makes it stand suis generis; this is the last pre-beard Tarot album of Marco.

In the Studio version; there is, what I see to be an allusion to the song Stigmata in the album of the same name, is Crawlspace a continuation of the mindset that is evoked in Stigmata, or a phase moving on from it? I’d be interested if it were.

Here’s the studio version for you anyhow:


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