Areopagites: on ‘stuff’

1. Sinistre: Words I don’t like using so try to not use it as much as I can; and also do not want other people to use it unless they have some knowledge about the concept that they can teach me so I can use it:







Opinions (and following, why I should give a shit about a claim you don’t seek to prove or demonstrate, or give me reason to care beyond you just uttering words before me)

‘Death Metal’

2. Antisophie: Is it me or are teenagers awkward, underdeveloped adults? Furthermore, was I that pathetic, nervous, sexually frustrated, and fat back then? I’m taking out not being asked out by guys (back then) on the world…I’m starting by taking it out on Sinistre and Michael by guiltriping them about being men!

3. Sinistre: Response to Antisophie: She has succeeded to make me feel bad to be a guy

4. Michael: Antisophie makes me think that we should, as men, make gestures similar to affirmative action to put forward that women should not be objectified.

5. Sinistre*: I have a friend who finds it impossible to get closer to someone because of a certain social stratification issue; he thinks it is impossible to be forward with a girl about his feelings because of the institutional discourse of how it may be seen as ‘sleazy’, and ‘hitting on a girl’. Poor guy…I think he’s just using that as an excuse for his own timidity.

6. Michael: Michael Jackson’s earlier albums are quite good! (Sinistre gives me a hard time admitting that)

7. Sinistre: I was talking to Prime a while back, and he asked me, is it compromise to change because of a beautiful woman? I responded: change scares, and change moves us away from what we once were.

However, moving around to fit a given female’s desires (or that of the institution of femininity projecting desirability criterion of malehood upon the institution of masculinity) may be socially deleterious, consider Michael’s thoughts on the Wolverine analogy…sometimes putting up ideals for masculinity are just as harmful as the putative feminine picture.

8. Sinistre*: I’ve been often asked; what’s your political orientation? I don’t know; I used to be a strong lefty Marxist; but that was more an intellectual thing than any genuine moral conviction.

I think we in Areopagus are getting a bit more right-wing and authoritarian these days; but we are also extremely liberal on some issues; to the point that we purposely make people in institutions uncomfortable as the consequence of our suggested political model. Like the original (pre-Prime) Sinistre used to say…’suffering makes us pure’. Michael still believes that nonsense…

Some days we are Mill liberals; other days, we are Platonic facists. We support the latter for one simple reason; people are too stupid to know what is best for them. If they are too stupid, they don’t count as respectable, nor do they deserve to be listened to with authority. Master Destre is very hard on this issue…it troubles me, but I must obey.

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