Whatever happened to Etiquette?

During my upbringing I was educated to be a lady; adult men were referred to as Sir; women, Ma’am; letters began with ‘Dear’, and ALWAYS REFER TO PEOPLE BY TITLE: Magister Kant, Professor Balthasar, Father Thomas…

I have to admit that I do not uphold some RP standards of English; but I do expect a little bit of competence in this fine language.

Michael disagrees with my position in some respect; he claims that language is a organic, and ever-changing thing. Michael, often uses a lot of slang. Fuck, I do too. But the context-is-everything.

I think something is lost when the beautiful language that has been expanded by the likes of Shakespeare, or Tennyson when we abbreviate words like ‘you’ to ‘u’. While I can accept some introduction of new words (Michael’s favourite examples are ‘leet’, ‘n00b’, or ‘ pwned’.

Whatever happened to politeness; to authority figures not only giving respect, but maintaining it.

Whatever happened to the subservience of inferiors, not in the way of coercion; but as a matter of submitting to those who are more superior in terms of authority and power?

I guess what I want is that old world where respect was accorded to the best people (Aristoi), and the subservients knew their places. I guess the world is ruled by the subservient and the sycophantic, with only greed and self-fulfillment as their aims. The true leaders must have no personal goals; but seek only their own superiority, that of the institute that they represent, and deference to an even higher power, whether that be man, God, or themselves.



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