The kind of men that sicken me (Antisophie)

Adults are inadequate, they make inadequate children

Fuck, even within the ranks of my own, I find inadequate men.

Little girls are brought up, if properly at all, to have aspirations. Not just aspirations that are necessarily high, but at least unique, and fulfilling to them. Sometimes I wonder about the drudgery of the adults that taught them, as I now become an adult, I find the droll and hopeless despair of adult women a bore. Their hedonism, their broken dreams, their whoreish nature; and the compromise of their dignity that would offend Mill.

Perhaps I’ll talk about the ‘housewives in disguise’ another time. Now, lets talk about men!

I shall engage in a taxonomy of pathetic, weak men….

Men who judge by appearance (sleazebag)

Pathetic men are those who only like me because of my appearance; those who only hang around with me because I am attractive to them, as if I have nothing else about me other than my looks; as if I have nothing beyond my personality, I have no publication record, I have no artistic training, I have no unique interests in music or literature, I have no knowledge of philosophy; no, I’m just a pair of tits to them and a lovely body. Fuck them!

These are the kind of men who ‘fuck’ instead of make love; the men who say ‘looks and personality for me!’; as if they are to think if they found a wonderful personality, it would be completely disregarded, or they would have to think twice about engaging with the woman who they see as less than perfect. Such cruelty, such bastardry! Fuck them! These are not the men who deserve to rule; nor are they the kind of men who deserve to cary the moniker of those great ones before them.

Antisocial losers (or confabulators)

Men with no honour are those who think they are above others, as a mechanism for dealing with their own sense of inadequacy. Men who tend to denigrate all of those they don’t seem to be able to socialise with due to their own lack of confidence, but no! That’s not the reason to their eyes, the reason to their eyes is that they have no reason to talk, not even to be friendly? Not even to say one’s hello, to get to know others, or to enjoy in the very important political and human commodity known as friendship and civility?

No, instead, this confabulator tries to place himself above others to hide his own inner sense of shame by means of saying he is better than others, or by denigrating others by irrelevant factors, maybe their personality, or their appearance, or their interests, or their dress sense; just anything they can find to defame the other to cope with their own sense of inner inadequacy. I think its shameful when people, especially those who purport to upholding the ancient ways; hide those shameful revelations about their own lack of character from even themselves.

Men with no culture (internet swine)

Men with no culture are those who think their own particular bent of the world is the right one; oh, there is no world outside punk; for instance, there is no world outside boxing and snooker; we may also say. Those men who lay claim on being the vanguard of culture, those men who claim to have dignified and heritaged backgrounds, yet really, are just proletarian swine who have never known the difficulties of perfecting themselves, never trained really hard at a craft, or come across those different to them, coming outside of their comfort zone and facing new challenges. No, they just stay in their own rut. I think any adult who faces this mould is a pathetic failure of a human being, and deserves only the shame of his suicide; the shame that only himself can proffer, for he is not good enough even for others to shame him; he is beneath anything.

These can be scientists who haven’t read philosophy, artists who know nothing of the sciences, philosophers who know nothing of the sciences; or thos who purport to knowledge of a subject, but, under the Socratic lens, could never admit to it.

How do you reply to me?

If you reply to me by virtue of ad hominem, you have missed the point. The point I am making is this; we have no right to set standards upon other people and judge them, unless, we set those standards upon ourselves. Only those who are exceptionally cruel and sadistic and mercilessly demanding upon themselves can ever lay claim to difficult judgment and demand for action on others. That is my point, if you cannot live up to your standards, you are very weak; but additional to that, if you cannot aspire to your own limits, and in particular, breaking them; you are also undeserving of the priviliedge of being that one sperm that made it…

Be the one sperm of your father that should be proud that you made it; make sure that the other 6 million would not have been as good as you…

You pathetic men, (don’t worry, women will have their analysis of their inferiority soon enough…at least men invented calculus!)


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