John Prescott’s revelation

1. It has been revealed yesterday that John Prescott, former Deputy PM, that he has bulimia; this is very shocking; for various reasons, one, because he’s infamous as a big man, he’s percieved as very fierce as a politician, and also, he is male. Yes, we all know it can happen that men can have eating disorders; but it is challening to our social intuitions (in a good way) that anyone could experience bulimia.

2. The revelations of the mass media and their idols; celebrities can be a good thing when it comes to illnesses; consider Kylie Minogue’s breast cancer scare; it brought about awareness for many women to check themselves for cancer.

3. I looked up a bit more about male celebrity eating disorders; I found out the following had experience of eating disorders: Russell Brand, Elton John, Rory Bremner and most surprising, David Coulthard.

The conclusion I would like to make is maybe celebrity culture and the focus and idolatry of individuals isn’t so much of a bad thing; the Greek Gods had flaws, and people learned from their indulgences.



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