1. Its easy to dismiss something you do not understand. Its harder to deny it when you do.

2. Sometimes impersonating your enemy is the greatest sign of a warrior

3. The irony of membership is that it denotes individuality, yet does so only through homogeneity

4. To be forced to conform, and oppose it, is, itself, a conformity to a group. To not care about conformity and move on from such petty concerns is to be original; to embrace who you are without the worry of labels.

5. When convention is undesirable, we yearn for the extreme. Sometimes this is good, but not often; other times, it is laziness to think why it is conventional.

6. A pen name makes a hero of a man. For they stand independent of the author, stand mighty in the imagination of the reader; even if the author himself does not. Sapere Aude! All can it be, if it is just an idea, but in words, ideas are all there are. To be an author is to fool the reader as to who the subject matter is; is one of what appears (phenomena), or that which is thought (noumena)? it is the latter, if so, that is much more delicate to understand. Such is the name of Areopagus.


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