Two kinds of Razor (Sinistre)

Brother Prime addressed this in his last post; so I’ll elucidate.

Consider two formulations of a concern for simplicity.

1. “The simplest explanation is the best one”, has multiple realisations and is quite opaque for analysis, insofar as multiple interpretations are possible.

1.1.1. ‘The best one’ as desiderata
1.1.2. ‘The best one’ as a theoretical axiom, a condition of theory consctruction
1.1.3. ‘The best one’ as a psychological law, or brute fact
1.1.4. ‘The best one’ as a rule-of-thumb

1.2.1. ‘The simplest’ as economical
1.2.2. ‘The simplest’ as a ‘cheap explanation’

I’ll leave it here for now.



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