Some mementos…

I’ve been going through some old mementos as I am moving out of my current flat…some interesting things I found:

  • A letter to my old philosophy teacher [that I never sent to him] before I started my undergraduate degree…here is a passage: “…[it was] a year of thoughtful and inspirational teaching…”
  • A letter from an old mentor of mine (before I was in Areopagus), she said “…Don’t forget that you are a talented musician, and an original thinker, and even thouggh you don’t always have confidence in yourself, remember you need only do what you reasonably can…I hope you also make time for having fun! […] I’ll remember you”
  • A cash gift from the collegium: I won the music prize in my last year (I still never understand why I won it…, especially with Sinistre in my class!)
  • Ticket stubs of films, gigs, etc. Reminding me of good times, and not-so-good times. Sometimes just a marker of the “present” (indexical to where the present refers to a period of the past) to remind us of how far we have come.

I once said to Antisophie that I am the least sentimental person around. That is the biggest fucking lie I have ever told.

Some mementos are those things that we can’t carry with us, but stick on us forever. That first kiss, one’s tender embrace, hearing congratulatory praise from professorial colleagues. Defeating one’s masters…

Some mementos we wish weren’t there; or eventually we come to accomodate them.

Even the bad things, after time, become important. Mementos of the past are not sentimental nostalgia all the time, but a frame referent indexical that addresses and reminds us of our glorification and embrace (whether rightly or wrongly) of the “present”.



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