The watch

Why do I like watches? I guess there is a sort of glamour about a watch. A glamour about what a watch represents.

I think it comes from James Bond. Bond has a watch, he has a watch with gadgets and special stuff. Bond puts his watch on as he wakes up after boning an internationally sexy babe (who later dies in the movie, or turns out to be a villain). Its a grownup’s talisman to have a watch. It’s as grownup to me, as the smell of Brut aquatonic, Old spice, and dad’s blunt razors.

When I was a kid, masculinity meant to me self-hygiene, taking care of yourself, reading FHM for the style guide (rather than the women). Men could be anything, heterosexual, homosexual, celebate, religious, atheist, disabled, but they all had something core in common. Even if men (gender) are born as women (sex); they all have some kind of common essence, the Kripke thing that makes them de re, man.

For me, there are things which, inter alia, represent being a man. The watch is the symbol of masculinity, my watch is the symbol of me.



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