Suffer Our Pleasures

I have been busying myself with some tasks today; and I put on some Tarot. I don’t oven listen to albums cover-to-cover, albums that I have heard before, and albums that I say I like. I very much savour a commodity that I like by not partaking it very often. The same goes for Port, Terminator 2, and dressing up formally.

Suffer Our Pleasures is, most definately, the definitive Tarot album; encapsulating their early roots, their change, their newness (in a 2003 sense, of course), their ideology, and their originality (by the latter, I mean their character, or that hwich cannot be replicated without being seen as imitation).

Tarot is aggressive (but not the most agressive); they are fierce yet are sufficiently accessible for the listener (in contrast to black/death metal’s aggression being very detached or too immersive to the reader). Marco’s lyrics represent the lone individual; glorifying the artist-hero, who is encapsulated by his own standards and topples the hegemony of the other. The success of the Tarot protagonist is grounded in his (because it is a man), self belief, his perseverence, his will to power, and his adherence to the traditions of the past.

Musically speaking; this is their tightest album (with the possible exception of Stigmata). There is a mix of suspense, blues, country, clearly influenced death metal suggestive idiolect, and finally, Marco’s roar voice. Marco’s voice can go from roar, to power metal scream, from Symphonic consonance (akin to his counterpart in Nightwish), to rhythmic blues.

A lot of the themes of the songs are of the archetypal hero:

i. Sefl-indulgence, power, ferocity, dominion
ii. Intransigence based on principles, rationalism, criticism
iii. Suffering,
iv. Endurance, perseverance,
vi. Individuality vs. dogmatism, master vs. slave morality
vii. Lonliness, pensivity, tenderness
vii. Anger, revenge, comeuppance
viii. Shining star eminence, being the very best

Although, like I say, it is hard to appreciate all the time, so I rarely indulge…



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