“Put your hands together…”

I remember an episode of Friends where Joey had a fascination with Jam. Chandler says in the episode: would you prefer getting off with the Xerox girl, or would you prefer some jam?

Joey replies “put your hands together…”, referring ot the gesturing that Chandler employed…

I love pens. It’s a James Bond thing, again; there is something elegant about holding on to a pen. You never know when you need it, and yet, you always need it, whether you need to sign a form, get a girl’s number (not that such things ever happen to me…), or need to write down some logic during a coffee conversation with Sinistre.

I love those parker pens that remind me of the scene from Goldeneye, but I also like Fisher space pens for being so high tech and reliable. Today I decided to put my hands together and insert the fisher space cartridge (which is what makes the pen high tech, really); into the Parker pen exterior (which is what makes it James Bond).

Now all I need to do is combine the rationalist adherence to logic with the empiricist adherence to experience…or read more Kant…ugh…can’t put my hands together for that!



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