Oh, dear…

I was watching some television with Prime earlier today, as he came to visit, and some pretty horrific self-revelations came to us.

I was watching this programme on some channel, called Isaac. I thought, maybe it’s about Newton! So I turned it on.

There was a guy who was dressed just like myself and prime. Okay, so if he looks like us, maybe there is going to be something good, if he looks like us! Maybe he might talk about Newton in a historical context. Maybe its some pastiche on Newton..

Nope, it was a fashion show. This guy was (as we came to find), advising a woman on how to dress. The gave good advice, and those women looked spectacular; they were spectacular anyway, but they dressed horribly (I was just about to say “dressed like men”…and then I shuddered at such suggestion).

I was disturbed at how aesthete and effeminate this fellow is…but more so, at how this show was awesome!! It had cooking advice and fashion tips. What the hell have I become…

Oh well, at least we don’t dress like Michael and Destre; that’s horrible…



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