beyond black and white

I have watched the Morgan Tvsangirai interview earlier today, and one of the most poignant thoughts that came up was this: when Mugabe was originally elected (as Zimbabwe ceased to be ‘Rhodesia’); the social and political climate was defined predominantly as a black and white race relations issue; an issue about colonialism vs. post colonial Africa.

Africa is now independent from its European chains (according to Tvsangirai); and now, the climate has changed. I could imagine how Mugabe, in virtue of appealing to the (black) ‘African’ mindset over that of the European past, might be appealing all those decades ago. I find it interesting how Mugabe up until even today, saw the issues as a black-white relation; or stated it to be such.

I think it is a sign of progress, when a society stops looking at things in black and white terms of ethnicity, yes, pun is intended.

As I always say, sometimes progress comes by taking away old problems, and dealing with new ones; iit is the agony of seeing one’s children grow up, and become independent.

Michael (and Destre)

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