I was watching a film around the same time as Michael over the weekend on the telly (which is quite rare for me to watch anything other than the news); we were watching this film, Junior; where Arnold Schwarzenegger is a fertility scientist at a university working with a practicioner gynacologist to formulate a new fertility drug; but due to lack of institutional support, they decide to test it on themselves, which is illegal by international standards of research conduct.

But, alas, they do; at first, they only test the drug on themselves to see how to establish conclusions of their research. Oh yes, did I mention that they are testing a fertility drug on a man? Oh, but that doesn’t matter because the drug was formulated to work with human cells irrespective of sex.

Anyway, what I found interesting about the film was how Schwarzenegger portrayed an academic; I was kind of hoping he would do a typical Arnie thing, like, use a dead man’s corpse as a human shield as people try to shoot him; tear a man’s arms off using an elevator; kill the devil; throw a snake woman into a fire after having sex with her; punching a camel; driving into a shop window with a truck; or have a naked fight into the snow…

Oh well, it would be just as exciting if he did something like solve the hard problem of consciousness…


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