I just talked to Antisophie earlier,

She says that my writing is really soppy…I should be ashamed of myself; well the words she used was; “you write like a teenage girl!”

Possibly the most hurtful remark I could ever hear! That bitch…


2 thoughts on “

  1. Trust me, I’ve read teenage girls, you do not write like a teenage girl, you write like a pack of insane philosophers on a wild bender. 😉

  2. Antisophie isn’t referring to this blog….

    She’s referring to some other stuff.

    I don’t write like this all the time; sometimes I try to write serious academic prose for the establishment audience (gasp); I won’t even start on what Destre’s audience is…(but old religious men is a good start of a guess….)

    I like to blog as an artform; its a way to write in a ‘style’; and the kind of life I have, I hardly ever have a chance to write No one must know my poetic shame!


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