Dispensable and indispensable concepts

My current work has led me to invoke a distinction of scientific notions between indispensable, and dispensable concepts.

What is dispensable? Genus-species typifications in zoology; we may find that BOMBUS BOMBUS has many different kinds so we invoke an elimination of the primitive BOMBUS BOMBUS and refine it by referring to a plurality without appeal to said singular. We may also find that PHLOGISTON becomes OXYGEN…

What is indispensable? Time, Space, change, metrics of constants that remain isomorphic throughout any discourse in which such a metric can describe it (ie. number theoretic interpretations)

But I beg questions; is time really indispensable? Can we do without time in our metaphysics, and get something else to do its work? Maybe some weird parsimonius calculus that has no suggestion of absolute time, but appeals to frames that are relative?

Here, is where transcendence really does its work…



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