The cultivated consumer

Batman and Judge Dredd

I’ve made an observation recently; Some very good films have some very horrible ideological implications. Judge Dredd (okay, so not a good film), depicts a world that is highly totalitarian and non-democratic; and it is core to the message of the story, that they judges live in such a world. Consider also the latest batman film; let me list some things you may have noticed:

1. Batman is not a police officer, he’s a vigilante crime fighter; legally speaking, he’s not mandated to save people’s lives, the government are.
2. Batman represents a sense of justice which does not acknowledge the primacy of other people in deliberation; deliberation isn’t even an issue.
3. Towards the end of the film, Batman establishes a sonar network, which uses the waves from mobile phones to map Gotham city. Many political bloggers have rightly pointed out that this is surveillance par excellance
4. Batman’s fairly dubious political scheme is the winning ideologue against Harvey Dent, after the latter’s tragic change of heart.

Questions; do we tacitly accept an ideology through a personality; is it a matter of liking batman, and the film, and the character, that we may come to accept his actions?

A hard question; here, we cannot separate ideology from event; value moral from value art.



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