Foucault’s ghastly thought

Foucault’s Discipline and Punishment has been highly influential a work. I found it highly readable, and highly chilling. The insights of governmentality have been influential to one of my former mentors; but also, the notion of surveillance, and the surveillance society seems to interest me.

Surveillance is inevitable

Let me give a list of some things most normal people use:

1. Mobile phone
2. Debit/credit/store card
3. Appliances that use wireless modems and the internet

All of these are monitored and can be used to track you; there really isnt’ a reasonable choice to not use these things. Lets not even forget about the original Bentham’s panoptic prison. But surveillance cameras are too obvious.

The issue has changed, not from the notion of whether we are surveilled or not; but rather; whether the information is secure, or anonymous. It almost seems a bit late to talk about civil liberties in this respect.



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