More Netiquette

1. It’s awfully proletarian to have too many facebook applications
2. It’s awfully sexist to put an xxx after a message (indicating ‘kisses’)
3. It’s awfully fuddy duddy to begin a message with “Dear…” and “kind regards” [I’m referring to you, Michael!!), would you say “Kind regards” on the phone? FUCK NO!
4. It’s awfully proletarian to use informal prose to those of high station. Such as Magisters, Professors, Pastors, and masters.
5. It’s awfully effeminate to attempt to phonetically elevate normal speech by typed prose. My example comes from my gal pal who expresses things like… “that’s sooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeee” to express the strenght of her sentiment.
6. It expresses a lack of confidence to end sentences with exclamation marks too often.
7. Eventually, someone mentions Hitler or the Nazis…just like now…you see

(Lady) Antisophie


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