Did you know that Courtney Cox was the first person on TV (allegedly) to say “period” (referring to mensturation)? What a blood revolution. Its strange how men are so taboo about a very everyday and uniquely female experience. They are scared of it that’s why! Attitudes towards mensturation are very peculiar. Early biblical accounts put it on the same level as having sex, in terms of its spiritual impurity.


4 thoughts on “Periods

  1. Not true, I’m pretty sure. There’s a sketch in Kids in the Hall in the early 90s by Dave Foley called “The Guy with a Good Attitude Towards Menstruation”. I’m not sure if this was the first.

  2. From a more ancient, less patriarchal time in our history, periods were seen as an opportunity to look within and to cleanse, both the physical imputities and toxins within the menses, but also spritiual and emotional waste from within the individual’s life. The mestrual blood was veiwed as having great power within ancient tribal cultures, often used in ritual and in the ingredients of medicines. Women would take the opportunity to withdraw from daily chores and reflect, rest and renew themselves for a short time before returning to the backbreaking toil of foraging, farming, childrearing and animal husbandry. Perhaps the real issue that the early biblical scribes had with periods was that for a week each month they had to wash their own underpants.

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