One of the reasons myself, and the other ‘Greek’ named people are anonymous is because we want to avoid attention being drawn to ourselves. It’s beneficial to us that you don’t know who we really are. Further to that, one thing that we strive to avoid is being referential to the point of being self-indulgent. That is to say, to play on the fact that one of us may be a public figure, or, perhaps, most of the Areopagites are connected to various strata of society (academia, industry, religion, art & culture, politics/policy). We don’t want to boast about who we know, or appeal to self-celebration just for the sake of it.

It’s also a sign of bad writing; in the sense of being boring and syntactically difficult to read. For instance, Michael’s own views on Kant could be seen as:

Michael contra Friedman pace Guyer contra Allison on Strawson’s Reading of Kant’s refutation of Hume’s critique of rationalist metaphysics…

A lot of academia (in its worst kind) is a reply to replies. Sometimes its good, other times, its just a churned out piece of shit. I write and send stuff to Michael and Sinistre whenever I feel like it. I write whatever the fuck I want to write about.

Name dropping can also be done in cases where someone wants attention drawn to themselves in cases where an individual has an attachment or investment to the person they write about, and do it mainly for the attention. That’s pretty bad, too. As such, I will not comment on any previous emails I have gotten or even address them. This isn’t a matter of rudeness, please note; rather, it’s a matter of preserving one’s dignity (and identity).


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