Male role models

I was watching this television programme last night where there was a scene which described this inferior woman’s ordeal about being physically abused by a doctor. I thought to myself that she had no complaint because she was ugly and fat and clearly unintelligent; if she were attractive and intellectual like me I bet she could defend herself better. Fucking FAT bitch.

That leads me to considering an article that I happened to look at:

Michael once told us about his brief work shadowing stint as a teacher assistant in a primary school. One of the things that he found in the primary school was that there was only one male teacher. It was very common in the distant past for predominantly females to teach in primary schools. Michael described some fairly distinct features about him:

When I first saw this fellow, he was in the staff room talking about big brother. I suppose that’s to be expected for someone in their mid-twenties to early-thirties. They were talking about celebrities, trash TV, sex and all the other obscenities under the sun. They talked about problem students with genuine concern, and they could complain about the parents. While this guy was no kindergarten cop; he did have some good points.

I was out in a field some time back and I saw this balding man with his son playing football./ This chap seemed like the archetypal father that you see on a TV commercial. Fun, supportive, didactic and approachable. This male primary school teacher was the kind of person who embarrassed himself in front of the kids when teaching PE; in the way that a dad is embarrassing (but the difference is that he was funny, instead of cringeworthy).

The male teacher taught with much enthusiasm and was just as accesssible and supportive as any teacher could be, and one of the distinct difficulties Michael found with the job is how teachers are not so much teaching in their job but more like adults, who put themselves more as pastoral mentors than anything else.

I miss my old teachers, who were exceptionally relentless, sadistic, and had an exceptionally sick sense of humour. Of course, that sort of thing makes a particular kind of person, and not everyone has the right to assault the unjust.


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