Thoughts on character

1. Being a good person is not about a two-value system of right and wrong. That makes being human sound like being a logic machine!

2. Instead, we must appeal to broader features of character, cowardice, bravery, dedication, humility.

3. The tension I find however, is in the role of the ascetic. Surely the ascetic is one who gets work done. Surely indulgence is the evil to productivity?

4. Character is the key part of agency, in intent, not action, do we find our morality. While an outcome is an outcome, and the unexpected always occurs. The ingenuity and resource we find for moral agency is within our exploration of human nature itself.

5. So then comes our question, how do we find a conception or consideration of good character? We may appeal to literary characters. Kant points out how the characters of Shakespeare and Moliere are so overblown in their follies and virtues with the instruction to the novelist that that a subtle point is not to be learned by many, and yet a broad point can be grasped by not few but many.


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