If Barack were President….

…he would be quite an encouraging figure of confidence to Europe’s overwhelming ideological rule of the past few centuries

…there would always be people who hated him

…race jokes would always be in the background (e.g. ‘George Bush = Drunk Texan’ stayed on a bit), but it wouldn’t be as big as his actual policies and actions

…people would celebrate for a while, and then criticise him for when he has to make the hard decisions; because a leader always has to make the hard choice

…people would make conspiracy theories, having Hussein as a middle name helps encourage the imagination

…I just hope that the guys in dead ringers don’t do a blackface routine…though its inevitable

…we’d still be in the shitter as regarding the economy, debt, climate change, resource management, international terrorism, and airbourne viruses that spread through chickens.

I wonder how the Americans will vote. Given the influence of the USA; I reckon that US citizens are voting with many hundreds of people who want to also determine the fate of the US government, and, the world.


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