Computer game; video game; or game (genera)

The phrase ‘video game’ really doesn’t seem to refer anymore. It seems to be a term that show’s one’s age more than anything. To refer to a classic like Metal Gear Solid, or Super Mario as a video game shows one’s age and disposition to being a luddite.

The phrase ‘computer game’, by contrast, has a similar air, of a more partial luddite. Almost as if referring to a computer game is by an outsider to being a serious gamer, or a gamer or game developer/promoter who is making a product saleable to an unknown audience.

If I just said game; for instance, I am playing this awesome game at the moment, depending on the presuppositions of the speaker, can be an acceptable, and perhaps, favourable expression. To say ‘game’, almost presupposes a computer game.

However, what is a good term for a game (computer)? Games can be handheld, console, or pc/linux/mac. What is a good expression for a game, that is non-loaded?


One thought on “Computer game; video game; or game (genera)

  1. I feel what you are saying acutely with “computer game”, which I no longer use, but not with “videogame” which I have pushed towards being compound.

    As a distinction with “boardgame”, “videogame” is tremendously useful – although much as with boardgame it subdivides into myriad internal cases!

    The interesting question for me is: should an wholly audio-based game running on an electronic device be considered a “videogame”? This to me parallels the question as to whether a game consisting solely of cards constitutes a “boardgame”.

    All this goes to show that etymology may give you the origin of word, but it won’t tell you what it means! 😉

    Best wishes!

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