Excuse me for being confused

Why is a song named “Wish I was a Punk Rocker” a twee (sic) poppy acoustic song. Surely a song that is genre referential would be self-referential, right? Okay, so maybe there are interesting exceptions to this; maybe it is parodical. But the lyric “…with flowers in my hair” mystifies me even more. Is a punk rocker some kind of hippy? furthermore, is a twee pop song concerning the countercultural movement of punk suggestive that it bears similarity with the almost diametrically opposed hippy movement, or even that they conflate into one? (think, leather mixed with free love, fucking the system vs. removing the system; spitting vs hugging; harsh dissonance vs. basic primary chord harmony consonance).

Maybe I’m missing the point, that there is some kind of irony, or horrible parodic statement about the futility of affiliating youth cultural movements and their sociogenic features with musical styles. Surely a conformist song would not point to something countercultural without in osme way neutralising or undermining its seriousness? Self-referential or genre-referential music can have this effect. Examples I can immediately think of include how Tenacious D seem to always self-affirm how they are part of some ‘rock’ dynasty; or how power metal bands overly use the word ‘metal’ in a way that obviously is genre-referring and yet gives the very poor veneer that it is not genre-referring.

Antisophie (and Michael)


One thought on “Excuse me for being confused

  1. As a confirmed hippy I will attest to having shagged several punk rockers, and attended several gigs of that genre wearing said flowers…..

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