Some of my best thoughts have come from when I was walking…

Nietzsche’s aphorism echoes in my mind, especially lately, when my indifference to proactivity has struck me very hard. It seems in my experience that I get to think and ponder and deliberate to act on so many things, at the very time I am expected, nay, obliged to do something else.

I get the emergency call for help when I’m at a lecture; I get the idea for an interpretation of Kant while on the bus; an idea of how to live my life when at a dinner party; or a thought about modality when I should be reading about metaethics.

It almost seems that distraction, when constructive, is the most powerful force. Unbound creativity when we are doing the one thing that we should do, but we are not.

That’s why I blog, that’s how I blog, and that’s why I’m still awake right now



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