20th Janurary 2009

Today marks a new era. I don’t often talk on political or social matters in obvious ways, I have purposely stayed silent about some things but merely pondered on them. But this day, is undisputably an optimistic one.

While I accept that it is a bad thing to think that Obama can do everything, he’s not going to change the Christian right to eradication, probably, wars will still exist, and we will still presumably need Jesus for salvation; but I have truly realised that realised means. A person who has oratory skill, intellect, a strength of will and determination. It is like an anti-utopia book coming into being, a person of the formerly oppressed classes is now the most powerful man in the world.

Despite my own African heritage I would not claim Obama as a son of Kenya or the like. Obama reminds me of the old Christian ideals we learned in Jesuit school of leadership. Despite this, I do look forward to seeing Obama mess up, not because of my own sadism, but to see where this man goes in terms of enacting his proposals and whether they are duely appropriate. Conservative or liberal, this day marks a universal achievement; however, it is the divisions of such things as conservative or liberal that will truely make his mettle.

I put forward the question to all people of the ‘Obama Generation’ in all the years ahead of their lives to answer to their children: where were you on that day?

Actually my day was uneventful, but I could make up for it by saying how momentous the event was I saw on BBC news.


One thought on “20th Janurary 2009

  1. I spent the day worrying that a publisher of one of my games was going to screw me over, before feverishly painting a room, and then visiting some friends to congratulate them on their engagement. Ironically, I posted about bribery on my main blog to commemorate the day. 🙂

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