Inconsistent preferences

Those who seem to think that the majority opine or the loudest voice seems to be rule, forget the inconsistency of our own preferential sets.

Sentimentality can easily overcome such things as consistent preferences. The neutrality of the BBC is considered in not broadcasting an appeal for the Gaza victims. Here are some reasons why:

i. This issue is inherently partisan political – against the BBC remit
ii. The victims are implicitly Palestinian
iii. The audience to which it is broadcast is not cultivated enough to see the nuances of a political situation beyond its most horrific casualties, or to state this in a single word, sentimentality is an improper tool of convincing one to the appeal, one which is inherently political, compared to a natural disaster.

In all fairness this is perhaps not the best front to address the futility of a majority populism, as one does not himself approve of these acts. It is good however, that other channels in the UK did broadcast, so that they did have a chance to see the appeal, and are informed enough to donate. Also note that those channels such as ITV do not have an international viewership, such to be sensitive to the body of its viewers beyond th UK.

Majority rule in popularity contests shall be our next address of pursuit


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