Expectations in film

We never expect someone to make a slipup or cough in a film, except if there is some underlying purpose or cause or plot significance. Making slipups and coughing is just what we do in ordinary life. When the film is about an hour and a half in, we expect to see that the good guy wins, or some kind of typical hollywood ending; although what is fashionable these days (ironically) is the surprise. Think of how many marvel films you have seen made in the past decade that have a ‘surprise’ in them such that they allow for either another sequel or someone to have a shocked response, we almost are in the futility of it, demanding the surprise, horror is an instance of that.

It is thus, good to see more innovative notions being used in film, such as the unreliability of the narrator and the achronological structure, where the beginning isn’t in the beginning and the end isn’t necessarily at the end, and the middle may not be anything distinctly definable. Defining expectation both sullies what we make, but yet, feeds our demand for more film.


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