Some certainties in life

My old theology teacher once said to me that the only two certain things in life are death and taxes. One seems to be a truth about our very physical nature, and the other seems to be a fundamental truth about our very human and sociable nature.

My dad used to say to me that someone who works in a funeral director’s would never be out of a job, because people die all the time. It is this kind of rationale that I think people seem now to be adopting, or I hope they are, in maturing from this economic situation. Increasingly I hear stories and read articles about people who want to go into teaching from jobs far afield as banking and media. What is the appeal of teaching?

i. Teaching seems to be a stable and certain job
ii. There is a demand for more teachers both in general, and in the specific needs of inner-city schools; primary schools needing male teachers; and teachers from minority backgrounds.
iii. Teaching is probably the ‘best-worst’ job you can get from being a university graduate.

Perhaps people will think of those other jobs as being both important and necessary: resource production, such as farming, or manufacturing, as opposed to service sector roles.


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