shop-assist, not cease and desist

One thing I dislike is a shop assistant who has no clue. If you go to a restaurant, you may have a reasonable expectation that the waiting staff know their wines, may give suggestions and so forth. I was at a GAME shop the other day, and an assistant came up to me. I was genuinely looking for a game of a general kind, and not a specific game (as the latter is the normal case for me). So I say to the fellow who asks if I need any assistance, why yes I do; why not, I’ll pick their brains for a suggestion.

I said:

I’m looking for a game, maybe an RPG or RTS; RPG preferably. I played spellforce lately and I quite liked that, do you have any turn-based RPGs, yes I know those are old-school, or maybe do you have any games within the D&DIII ruleset with a sufficient class and levelling system, or perhaps a nice plot-driven RTS with sci-fi components and strong single player campaign.

I was met with a blank face. I guess he was mainly into inane PS3 fighting games



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